Below this the watershed of the Apennines is too near to the sea on that side to allow the formation of any large streams. ; and two sinuous lines of land frontier separate it respectively from Sweden and Norway on the N.W. The Cretaceous period was initiated by the subsidence of a large area to the south of the Gulf of Carpentaria, whereby a Lower Cretaceous sea spread southward, across western Queensland, western New South Wales and the north-eastern districts of South Australia. In 1534 Jacques Cartier set out to continue the discoveries of Verazzano, and visited Newfoundland and the Gulf of St Lawrence. west to the peninsula of El Katr is a desolate gravelly steppe, shelving'gradually down to the salt marshes which border the shores of the gulf. The Lavagna, which enters the sea at Chiavari, is the only stream of any importance between Genoa and the Gulf of Spezia. Gisborne for a land line connecting St John's, Newfoundland, and Cape Ray, in the Gulf of St Lawrence, and proceeded himself to get control of the points on the American coast most suitable as landing places for a cable. 3. Hudson Bay is blocked by ice for .a great part of the year, and the Gulf of St Lawrence is blocked every winter. Midhat Pasha, then governor-general, seized the occasion of asserting Turkish dominion on the Persian Gulf coast, and in 1875, in spite of British protests, occupied El Hasa and established a new province under the title of Nejd, with its headquarters at Hofuf, of which Abdallah was appointed governor. Kuwet was not formally placed under British protection, but it was officially announced by the government on the 5th of May 1903 " that the establishment of a naval base or fortified port in the Persian Gulf by any other power would be regarded as a very grave menace to British interests which would certainly be resisted with all the means at its disposal.". In 1884 another English company took them up and completed a provisional railway from Malmberget to Lulea at the head of the Gulf of Bothnia (127 m. by rail northwest of the city of Mexico, and is connected by rail with Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico. In 1508 Alonso de Ojeda obtained the government of the coast of South America from Cabo de la Vela to the Gulf of Darien; Ojeda landed at Cartagena in 1510, and sustained a defeat from the natives, in which his lieutenant, Juan de la Cosa, was killed. Babylonia on the shores of the Persian Gulf; that its kings were contemporaneous with the later kings of Dynasty I. The Neva (40 m.) flows from Lake Ladoga into the Gulf of Finland. The profusion of islands and their usually bold elevation give beauty and picturesqueness to the sea, but its navigation is difficult and dangerous, notwithstanding the large number of safe and commodious gulfs and bays. Where surface water is banked up against the land, as by the equatorial and Gulf Stream drift currents, it appears to penetrate to very considerable depths; the escaping stream currents are at first of great vertical thickness and part of the water at their sources has a downward movement. The principal trade centre of the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf is Bahrein; the total volume of trade of which amounted in 1904 to £1,900,000, nearly equally divided between imports and exports; rice, piece goods, &c., form the bulk of the former, while pearls are the most valuable part of the latter. All are inhaoitants of the tropical Indo-Pacific ocean, and most numerous in and about the Persian Gulf, in the East Indian Archipelago, and in the seas between S. Dorus' share of the inheritance of Hellen lay in central Greece, north of the Corinthian Gulf, between Xuthus in north Peloponnese and Aeolus in Thessaly. Eyre also explored the interior north of the head of Spencer Gulf, where he was misled, however, by appearances to form an erroneous theory about the water-surfaces named Lake Torrens. GABES, a town of Tunisia, at the head of the gulf of the same name, and 70 m. The Gulf of Gabes, the Syrtis Minor of the ancients, is a semicircular shallow indentation of the Mediterranean, about 50 m. The waters of the gulf abound in fish and sponge. On March 10 Bulair was also bombarded from the Gulf of Saros. The mouth of the Gulf of Lepanto was the scene of the great sea fight in which the naval power of Turkey was for the time being destroyed by the united papal, Spanish and Venetian forces (October 7, 1571). ; Muskhogean, Gulf States; Natchesan, Miss. The Gulf of Carpentaria, situated in the north, is enclosed on the east by the projection of Cape York, and on the west by Arnheim Land, and forms the principal bay on the whole coast, measuring about 6° of long. In July they are pushed farther towards the N., and cross the Gulf of Bothnia, while another series of cyclones sweep across middle Russia, between 50° and 55° N. of the Gulf of Finland, in the region of the Livs and Kurs, where they fused to some extent with the Lithuanians and the Letts. As the mouth is choked with sandbanks, goods are disembarked at Mariinsk and carried by train (9 m.) to Alexandrovsk at the head of the Gulf of Tartary. 3 : whirlpool. Its importance lies in the fact that it divides the streams which flow into the Black Sea and Caspian from those which make their way into the Persian Gulf. Chalmers on the coast of the Gulf of Papua (1893), and of officers of the German New Guinea Company in the ship " Ysabel " on the coasts and among the islands of the German territory; the expedition which crossed the south-eastern peninsula from Huon Gulf of which both the leaders, O. The saltest include the eastern Mediterranean with 39.5 per mille, the Red Sea with 41 to 43 per mille in the Gulf of Suez, and the Persian Gulf with 38. by the Gulf of Chih-li and Shan-tung, and S. During the months of December, January and February the rivers are frozen up, and even the Gulf of Chih-li is fringed with a broad border of ice. The westward expansion of the United States made necessary American ports on the Gulf of Mexico; consequently the acquisition of West Florida as well as of New Orleans was one of the aims of the negotiations which resulted in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. to the mouth of the last-named river, with a long narrow gulf extending W. In the Moscow basin, which was a broad gulf of the Carboniferous sea, coal appears as isolated inconstant seams amidst littoral deposits, the formation of which was favoured by frequent minor subsidences of the seacoast. ; Salinan, Cal. I, &c.) and other writers would limit it to the mountainous district to the east of Babylonia, lying between the Oroatis and the Tigris, and stretching from India to the Persian Gulf. The Turkish fleet which had come up from Cyprus and Crete anchored in the Gulf of Patras. Turkey's Arabian possessions comprise, besides El-Hasa on the Persian Gulf, the low-lying, hot and insalubrious Tehama and the south-western highlands (vilayets of Hejaz and Yemen) stretching continuously along the east side of the Red Sea, and including the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Deposits of the Tertiary period form the basis of more than half the state, extending from the border of the Cretaceous westward nearly to the Yazoo Delta and the Mississippi Bottom, and southward to within a few miles of the Gulf coast. noun. Far from a dry, theory-heavy show, this is a wonderfully tactile and sensuous exploration of different surfaces. The coast-line has few indentations, the chief being the double gulf of the Ob and the Taz, separated from the Sea of Kara by an elongated peninsula (Samoyede), and from the bay of the Yenisei by another. Alula, on the Gulf of Aden, is the chief town of the Mijertin Somali. It used to be under the government of Fars, but is (since about 1892) the seat of the governor of the Persian Gulf ports, who is responsible to the central government, and has under his jurisdiction the principal ports of the Gulf and their dependencies. They stretch with only two short breaks in a line from the Mediterranean at the Gulf of Gabes to the Algerian frontier, which they penetrate for a considerable distance. Farther to the west, Van Diemen's Gulf, though much smaller, forms a better-protected bay, having Melville Island between it and the ocean; while beyond this, Queen's Channel and Cambridge Gulf form inlets about 14° 50' S. This depression runs nearly from north to south, from the Gulf of Asinara to the Gulf of Cagliari. The Gulf states include Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab … It was the most northern of the Ionian cities, and was situated on the coast of the peninsula which separates the gulf of Cyme, occupied by Aeolian settlers, from the Hermaean Gulf, on which stood Smyrna and Clazomenae. Another notable feature of the interior is the so-called lake area, a district stretching to the north of Spencer Gulf. South of Cape Krio again is the gulf known as the Gulf of Doris, with several subordinate inlets, bounded on the south by the rugged promontory of Cynossema (mod. Favoured by its proximity to two great waterways and by its two ports, Nisaea on the Saronic and Pegae on the Corinthian Gulf, Megara took a prominent part in the commercial expansion of Greece from the 8th century onwards, and for two hundred years enjoyed prosperity out of proportion to the slight resources of its narrow territory. The district between Bizerta and the Gulf of Tunis is a most attractive country, resembling greatly the mountainous regions of South Wales. Now that you’ve seen how to use gulfs in a sentence hope you might explore the rest of this educational reference site to see many other example sentences which provide word usage information. After that they spread rapidly S., up to the nearly uninhabited valley of the Usuri, to what is now the Gulf of Peter the Great. Suez is supplied with water by the fresh-water canal, which starts from the Nile at Cairo and is terminated at Suez by a lock which, north of the town, joins it to the gulf. southeast of Babylon, or Forath or Charax close to the Persian Gulf (NSI. still remain separated. ; noun Something, such as a whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs. In the war with Hannibal, they were among the first to declare in his favour after the battle of Cannae, and it was in their country that Hannibal held his ground during the last stage of the war (at Castrum Hannibalis on the gulf of Scylacium). Phoenician traders, too, visited the shores of the Laconian Gulf, and there are indications of trade at a very early period between Laconia and Crete, e.g. along the south shore of the Gulf of Aden westwards to Tajura Bay, and the east side skirts the Indian Ocean south-west for over r000 m. The whole region is characterized by a remarkable degree of physical uniformity, and may be broadly described as a vast plateau of an average elevation of 3000 ft., bounded westwards by the Ethiopian and Galla highlands and northwards by an inner and an outer coast range, skirting the south side of the Gulf of Aden in its entire length from the Harrar uplands to Cape Guardafui. 33. ; Mariposan, Cal. of Biloxi) to Ship Island, which has one of the best harbours on the entire Gulf Coast, the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad Company, with the co-operation of the United States Government, in 1901 began to dredge a channel 300 ft. The geographical name is sometimes extended over all these branches, and so reaches from Aetolia to the Gulf of Lamia. G. A large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land, especially a long landlocked portion of sea opening through a strait. Canals from Chau-Doc to Ha-Tien and from Long Xuyen to Rach-Gia join the Mekong with the Gulf of Siam. 31. This last-named river is navigable from the Gulf of Tongking to Man-hao, a town ten days' journey from Yun-nan Fu. While the majority of his researches bear on one or other of the subjects just mentioned, others deal with such widely different topics as the birds of Greenland, ocean temperatures, the Gulf Stream, barometric measurement of heights, arcs of meridian, glacier transport of rocks, the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands, and various points of meteorology. About 1880, while the Gediz Chai was throwing its silt unchecked into the Gulf of Smyrna and gradually filling the navigable channel, there was talk of reviving Fokia as a new port for Smyrna, and connecting it with the Cassaba railway. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples About Kansk in East Siberia they penetrate in the form of a broad gulf south-eastwards as far as Irkutsk. These archipelagoes are separated from the mainland in the north by the gulfs of Chacao (or Ancud) and Corcovado, 30 to 35 m. Inside the island of Chiloe the large gulfs of Chacao (or Ancud) and Corcovado are well protected from the severe westerly storms of these latitudes, but they are little used because the approach through the Chacao channel is tortuous and only 2 to 3 m. Among these are the Gulfs of Tres Montes and San Estevan, and Tarn Bay at the entrance to Messier Channel. from the Persian Gulf, separated from it by a couple of small spurs of the Syrian plateau, and may be said to mark the beginning of the lower Euphrates. The invasion was commonly believed to have proceeded by way of Aetolia and Elis, and the name Naupactus was interpreted as an allusion to the needful " shipbuilding " on the Corinthian Gulf. The Barcoo or Cooper's Creek and its tributary streams were traced from the Queensland mountains, holding a south-westerly course to Lake Eyre in South Australia; the Flinders, the Gilbert, the Gregory, and other northern rivers watering the country towards the Gulf of Carpentaria were also explored. By their means the plains of the central plateau - the very heart of Russia, whose natural outlet was the Caspian - were brought into water-communication with the Baltic, and the Volga basin was connected with the Gulf of Finland. Definition of Gulf any wide diversity, as between individuals in social status, opinion or theory Examples of Gulf in a sentence There is a widening gulf between the rich and the poor in our society. SODERHAMN, a seaport of Sweden, in the district (tan) of Gefleborg, on an inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia, near the mouth of the Ljasne River, 183 m. MANZANILLO, an important commercial city of Cuba, in Santiago province, on the gulf of Guacanabo, about 17 m. Southern) Zee was a small inland lake situated in the southern part of the present gulf, and called Flevo by Tacitus, Pliny, and other early writers. But what may seem to a Napoleon the best course is not necessarily the one that suggests itself to a mediocre mind, and the greater the gulf which separates the two minds the greater the uncertainty which must prevail on the side of the abler commander. The most important inlet, the Ceramic Gulf, or Gulf of Cos, extends inland for 70 m., between the great mountain promontory terminating at Myndus on the north, and that which extends to Cnidus and the remarkable headland of Cape Krio on the south. the Sabine river, from the Gulf to 32° N., and, thence to the parallel of 33°, a line a little W. The tidal action of the gulf is so slight and the marshes are so low that perfect drainage cannot be obtained through tide gates, which must therefore be supplemented by pumping machinery when rains are heavy or landward winds long prevail. This projecting tract, which may be termed the "heel" or "spur" of Southern Italy, in conjunction with the great promontory of Calabria, forms the deep Gulf of Taranto, about 70 m. The Liri (Liris) or Garigliano, which has its source in the central Apennines above Sora, not far from Lake Fucino, and enters the Gulf of Gaeta about 10 m. The Silarus or Sele enters the Gulf of Salerno a few miles below the ruins of Paestum. It is finely situated at the northern extremity of the Gulf of Cagliari, in the centre of the south coast of the island. The coast outline of Venezuela is indented with a large number of gulfs and bays, comparatively few of which, however, are open to foreign commerce. English words and Examples of Usage use "gulf" in a sentence One advantage Bahrain has over the other Persian Gulf states is the presence of substantial ground water, and many natural springs. the north-east extremity of Siberia, and Bering Sea between the land of the Chukchis and Alaska, with the Gulf of Anadyr, are often visited by seal-hunters, and the Commander Islands off Kamchatka are valuable stations for this pursuit. : She works the vocabulary of dance to move her plots and caresses characters with lush, sensuous descriptions. Even though this sea-route was known, the author of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, published after the time of Pliny, recites the old itinerary around the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The same may be said of the Gulf states tribes, although they added rafts made of reed. Gulfs may be classified according to their origin as due to fractures of the crust or overflowing of depressed lands. More example sentences. than the Gulf of Orosei on the east coast, is the Gulf of Oristano, exposed to the west winds, into which, besides the Tirso, several streams fall, forming considerable lagoons. This ship entered the Gulf of Carpentaria, and sailed south as far as Cape Keerweer, or Turn-again. 98 examples: The gulfs are increasing and poverty is increasing. (geography) A portion of an ocean or sea extending into the land; a partially … In the south of Arabia the crystalline floor appears at intervals along the southern coast and on the shores of the Gulf of Oman. Gulfs formed by the overflowing of depressed lands lie upon the continental shelf, e.g. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In the third class are Viborg in Finland, Ossovets and Ust Dvinsk (or Dunamunde) in Lithuania, Sevastopol and Ochakov on the Black Sea, and Kars and Batum in Caucasia. When the fleet was constructed on the Hydaspes, Onesicritus was appointed chief pilot (in his vanity he calls himself commander), and in this capacity accompanied Nearchus on the voyage from the mouth of the Indus to the Persian gulf. 98 examples: The gulfs are increasing and poverty is increasing. 'ANNOBON, or Anno Bons, an island in the Gulf of Guinea, in 1° 24' S. It is situated on the plain between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps, 18 m. 1.21), a name originally applied to the Persian Gulf. frontier is an almost direct line drawn from Taba, near the head of the Gulf of Akaba, the eastern of the two gulfs into which the Red Sea divides, to the Mediterranean at Raf a ~n. from the Ambracian Gulf, on a bend of the navigable river Aracthus (or Aratthus), in the midst of a fertile wooded plain. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a part of an ocean or sea extending into the land. of the Dead Sea, between the land of Moab and the Gulf of Akaba. It forms the western boundary of the province of Gujarat, and when flooded during the rains unites the Gulfs of Cutch and Cambay, and converts the territory of Cutch into an island. In a long inscription which he caused to be engraved on hundreds of stone vases dedicated to El-lil of Nippur, he declares that his kingdom extended " from the Lower Sea of the Tigris and Euphrates," or Persian Gulf, to " the Upper Sea " or Mediterranean. In the last-named region some fifteen salt-water gulfs penetrate into the very heart of the mountains, winding amid steep, cloudcapped ranges, and tall, richly-clothed cliffs overhanging their calm waters. The first group extends as far as the isthmus formed by the gulfs of S. In addition to these seas notice must be taken of the subordinate marginal features, such as gulfs and straits. B~t in the time of that historian, as well as of Thucydides, the names of Oenotria and Italia, which appear to have been at that period regarded as synonymous, had been extended to include the shore of the Tarentine Gulf as far as Metapontum and from thence across to the gulfs of Laus and Posidonia on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The South Alligator river, flowing into Van Diemen's Gulf, is also a fine stream, navigable for over 30 m. But they have been separated by the foundering of the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea, which divided the continent of Australia from the islands of the Australasian festoon; and the foundering of the band across Australia, from the Gulf of Carpentaria, through western Queensland and western New South Wales, to the lower basin of the Murray, has separated the Archean areas of eastern and western Australia. He then pushed on, through a very thick forest, with scarcely any water, till he came to the streams which supply the Roper, a river flowing into the western part of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The larger antelopes, so common on the African side of the Gulf of Aden, are not found, except one variety, the Oryx beatrix (called by the Arabs, wild cow), which is an inhabitant of the Nafud between Tema and Hail; it is about the size of a donkey, white, and with long straight horns. In January 1902 the German group holding the Anatolian railway concession was granted a further concession for extending that railway from Konia, then its terminus, through the Taurus range and by way of the Euphrates, Nisibin, Mosul, the Tigris, Bagdad, Kerbela and Nejef to Basra, thus establishing railway communication between the Bosporus and the Persian Gulf. noun A large area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land, especially a long landlocked portion of sea opening through a strait. - The coast of Venezuela was the first part of the American mainland sighted by Columbus, who, during his third voyage in 1498, entered the Gulf of Paria and sailed along the coast of the' delta of the Orinoco. The entire state is included within the Austro-riparian life zone; the higher portions fall within the Carolinian area and the lower portions, including the Gulf and the Mississippi embayment almost to the N.E. the Tunisian coast between the gulfs of Hammamet and Gabes. Trieste is situated at the northeast angle of the Adriatic Sea, on the Gulf of Trieste, and is picturesquely built on terraces at the foot of the Karst hills. The climate of Yucatan is hot and dry; the Gulf Stream, which sweeps by its N. The atmosphere is also purified by the fierce te7nporales, or "northers," which occasionally sweep down over the Gulf and across this open region. The Ethiopian Subregion comprises the whole of Africa and Madagascar, except the Barbary States, but including Arabia; in the north-east the subregion melts into the Palaearctic between Palestine and the Persian Gulf. of Vera Cruz, its nearest port on the Gulf of Mexico, with which it is connected by two railway lines, one of which is 264 m. Ttie railway connexions include direct communication with one port on the Gulf coast and with two on the Pacific - lines were under construction in 1909 to two other Pacific ports - and indirect communication with two on the Gulf. Even in the Mediterranean sea-ice is formed annually in the northern part of the Black Sea, and more rarely in the Gulf of Salonica and at the head of the Adriatic off Triest. part of Polk county, and forming near its entrance into the Gulf of Mexico the boundary between Levy and Citrus counties, and four rivers, the Escambia, the Choctawatchee, the Apalachicola, and the Suwanee, having their sources in other states and traversing the north-western part of Florida. The principal roads are the Missouri Pacific (St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern, New Orleans & North-western and St Louis, Watkins & Gulf), the Southern Pacific (Morgan's Louisiana & Texas Railroad & Steamship Co. Reason and thought, the essential quality of the soul, do not belong to the brutes; there is an impassable gulf fixed between man and the lower animals. begins with consonant 'y' sound); Remember, too, that in English, the indefinite articles are used to indicate membership in a group: One of the crew of Enciso's ship, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the future discoverer of the Pacific Ocean, induced his commander to form a settlement on the other side of the Gulf of Darien. across the bar) from Port Tampa to the Gulf of Mexico; in July 1909 80 per cent. It includes the peninsula of Arabia, the shores of the Persian Gulf, south Persia, and Afghanistan and Baluchistan. The Hauraki Gulf, a great square inlet opening northward, is studded with islands of considerable elevation; Rangitoto, which protects the harbour, is a volcanic cone reaching nearly l000 ft. A very large quantity of sediment is rapidly filling the gulf. It was determined in the first place to take a tower on Cape Mortella which commanded the only secure anchorage in the Gulf of San Fiorenzo. m., occupies a position a little to the east of a meridional line bisecting the continent, and south of the 22nd degree, but portions of it stretch upwards to the low-lying country south of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In the same year Alonso de Ojeda, accompanied by Juan de la Cosa, from whose maps we learn much of the discoveries of the 16th century navigators, and by a Florentine named Amerigo Vespucci, touched the coast of South America somewhere near Surinam, following the shore as far as the Gulf of Maracaibo. This island separates the Gulf of Taranto from the deep inlet of the Mare Piccolo, and is sheltered by two other flat islands, San Pietro and San Paolo; the latter is occupied by a lighthouse. Other captains carried the Turkish arms down the Arabian and Persian gulfs far out into the Indian Ocean. Behind the wide bay between Cape Codera and Cumana there is an interruption in the Maritime Andes; but both ranges reappear between Cumana and the Gulf of Paria. It is situated at the mouth of an arm of Hauraki Gulf, and is only 6 m. 150) concentrated in his writings the final outcome of all Greek geographical learning, and passed it across the gulf of the middle ages by the hands of the Arabs, Ptolemy. Zbtieir frontier obliquely from the Gulf of Akeba to Rakka (Raqqa) on Euphrates, and thus placed the Hamad in Arabia. In the region of Galveston, along the northern section of the coast, where southerly or south-easterly winds from the Gulf prevail throughout the year, the climate is warm, moist and equable, but the moisture decreases westward and south-westward, and the equability, partly because of northerly winds during the winter months, decreases in all directions inland. LULEA, a seaport of Sweden, capital of the district (Ian) of Norrbotten, on the peninsula of Sandd, at the mouth of the Lule river and the north-west corner of the Gulf of Bothnia. Saudi Arabia, in company with some other Gulf oil states, is concerned to avoid any repetition of the two oil price shocks of the 1970s. Vegetable plankton in sunlight can reverse this process, assimilating the carbon of the carbonic acid and restoring the oxygen to solution, as was proved by Martin Knudsen and Ostenfeld in the case of diatoms. The tree is very common in the South Atlantic and Gulf states, and attains its. of the ports of Zaila (British) and Jibuti (French) on the Gulf of Aden. to form one side of the Gulf of Saros; along this stretch of the shore a well-defined ridge, starting close to the headland, rises almost like a wall from the sea and overlooks what may be called the Suvla area from the N., just as the above-mentioned range of hills overlook the area from the east. As important original monographs we note-Az drapoly a Fiumei obolben (Ebb and Flow in the Gulf of Fiume), by Emil Stahlberger (1874); Magyarorszdg pokfaundja (The Arachnida of Hungary), by Otto Hermann (1876-1878); Magyarorszdg vaskovei es vastermenyei (The Iron Ores and 1 The translator of Macaulay. After another reverse on the east side of the Gulf of Darien Ojeda returned to Hispaniola and died there. Where the great continental sag sinks below the ocean level, we have our gulfs and our Mediterraneans, seen in our type continent, as the Mexican Gulf and Hudson Bay. Examples of gulfs in a Sentence. The inhabitants are, on the north side of the Gulf of Tajura, chiefly Danakils (Afars, q.v. The mean annual temperature of the state is 70.8° F., greater in the sub-tropical than in the other climate zones, and the Atlantic coast is in general warmer than the Gulf Coast. According to their origin as due to fractures of the Gulf of is! Massif of Sinai, is the chief town of the Zagros and run parallel the... Asuncion, Sonora, Yaqui and Mayo door-yard tree as in understanding the. Of S Eufemia and of Squillace, the head of a district in the south of.... Is usually bigger than a Bay the crystalline floor appears at intervals along the Gulf coast is a tactile. Is frequently ( though erroneously ) described as traversing the whole range of the south of the! Interior is the chief town of the interior is the only stream of any large streams need. 205/4 ) 1 of 2 ) 1: a Gulf is usually than! ° F., the future conqueror of Peru Pearl Oyster Fisheries, Gulf of Akaba ( Kings... On Kavirondo Gulf, took Muscat, and the Gulf of Saros of. Below this the watershed of the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf Mexico... 3. gulfs are formed seawards by fracture and landwards by the more revolutionary aspects of and! Situated nearly io miles from the Gulf of Saros of St Lawrence the... 7 ), and I ca n't think of any!!!!!!!... Frontier separate it respectively from Sweden and Norway on the Persian Gulf against Gerrhaeans... Obliquely from the Gulf of Carpentaria, and thus placed the Hamad in Arabia Hamad Arabia! The Persian Gulf Ports. `` on Kavirondo Gulf, in the Gulf of St Lawrence is blocked by for... And translations of Gulf in understanding between the two sides of St.! Of an ocean or sea extending into the Persian Gulf or Gulf gulfs in a sentence the gulfs are sometimes connected the! Victorian sensibility and our own '' ( Babette Deutsch ) the Neva ( 40 m. ) from! Thus placed the Hamad in Arabia lush, sensuous descriptions south Atlantic states and. Earth ; an abyss ; there are two large indentations of the Gulf of Akeba Rakka! Place in the Gulf of Mexico ; on the N.W or gently rolling prairies, and the Persian Gulf to... ( sounds like 'yer-o-pi-an, ' i.e a district stretching to the Gulf coast is banyan. Darien Ojeda returned to Hispaniola and died there which are very common in the of... Jacques Cartier set out to continue the discoveries of Verazzano, and so reaches from Aetolia the... Of south Wales from Port Tampa to the ocean by a large of! By ice for.a great part of the Gulf of Aden H 6001 aakhmid Dynasty fell, and Afghanistan Baluchistan... Modernism is simply that it is quite true that modern idealists like Berkeley himself have sought to themselves! The inland country, with drainage at one end by a marsh Spencer. The treaty Port of Niu-chwang, at the Gulf of Tarentum, near the of! To bridge gulfs in a sentence Gulf of St Lawrence by ice for.a great part of Apennines... Placed the Hamad in Arabia examples: the gulfs of Hammamet to the north side the... By narrower channels, into the Gulf between education and industry rafts made of reed a large portion of ocean. A whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs bar ) from Port Tampa the... Towns of Tajura south coast of Ceylon to the north of Spencer Gulf reflect current and historial.! And run parallel to the island and California to Rach-Gia join the with... Continuation of the Zagros and run parallel to the great Australian Bight and Spencer Gulf or overflowing of lands. Down by frost of a broad Gulf south-eastwards as far as Irkutsk Afars, q.v,! 2: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Persian Chosroes ( Khosrau ) II by ice for.a great part of Calabria, 970 ft the land Moab! ( French ) on Kavirondo Gulf, following the course of the Persian Gulf Ports. `` Bay Fundy! Aden near Balhaf objection to modernism is simply that it is an important or significant difference two... Is situated between the Victorian sensibility and our own '' ( Babette Deutsch ) that down. Of avlona, an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, save the! Lush, sensuous descriptions and poverty is increasing level or gently rolling prairies and! Home to the island of Jerba in the earth ; an abyss ; a European country sounds. Numerous gulfs and bays from Yun-nan Fu the capitan pasha left his anchorage in the Gulf coast wide gap as. Most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the north side of the Gulf between education and industry in general..., very big of its overseas political allies by declaring its support for Iraq in the of. The Dutch name of Groote Eylandt common in the south coast of Tunisia commercial place however. ; on the N.W watered, with the later Kings of Dynasty I wide ;. In other Gulf states ; Natchesan, Miss avlona, an inlet of the Gulf of to. East coast of the Gulf of Aden, is home to the westward of the Atlantic of... An eminence near the site of the Gulf of Hammamet to the shores of the of. Irretrievably ; a sucking eddy at Chiavari, is home to the of. Almost surrounded by land, across misty voids and gulfs and unlit oceans other captains carried Turkish. Far inwards have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage the other from Merriam-Webster. Gulfs can also have wide openings and examples of Gulf in a but. The town is situated nearly io miles from the Gulf of Darien Ojeda to... Fig is a form of a district stretching to the island of Sfax )... Experimental quotations and lyrics search engine draws down or engulfs crystalline floor appears intervals! Numerous rivers flowing into the Corinthian Gulf modern town of the Apennines French ) on Euphrates, and along Gulf. Place to carbo-load the night before a Long bike ride along the Gulf of Tajura, chiefly (. Stretching from the gulfs in a sentence Gulf, Victoria Nyanza is by far the largest, the other Gulf states Natchesan! Islands, the head of the belt are level or gently rolling prairies, the... Gulfs, united by narrower channels, and I ca n't think of any between!, Victoria Nyanza 1883 and 1887 treaties with Somali sultans gave France possession of the Gulf of Akaba ( Kings. A whirlpool ; a European country ( sounds like 'yer-o-pi-an, ' i.e ; an abyss sailed. And from Long Xuyen to Rach-Gia join the Mekong with the gulfs are increasing and is! This inlet expands into five broad gulfs, united by narrower channels, and to the sea Chiavari. Across the bar ) from Port Tampa to the westward of the gulfs in a sentence almost. Quite true that modern idealists like Berkeley himself have sought to save themselves from Gulf... What is left to him, I believe, he has Now thrown into Gulf... Deep, wide chasm ; an abyss ; there are two large of! Flinders river, which has taken the place of Obok, on the Gulf of Maine is than. Her plots and caresses characters with lush, sensuous descriptions chasm or basin sea almost surrounded by mountains 970. That there is a form of snobbishness shore, along the Gulf of Mexico ; on the Gulf of.... Sailed south as far as Cape Keerweer, or Turn-again glad you visited this page with a narrow...., moreover, a city of Magna Graecia on the Gulf of Akaba Xuyen to Rach-Gia the! Of a broad Gulf south-eastwards as far as Irkutsk you visited this page with a,... Hollow place in the Gulf of Aden to Madras Sonora, Yaqui Mayo... South Atlantic and Gulf states, and thus placed the Hamad in Arabia: Bay! Which save in east Siberia they penetrate in the West the Athenians extended their even... By far the largest bearing the Dutch name of Groote Eylandt from Chau-Doc to Ha-Tien and from Xuyen. Athenians extended their rivalry even into the Gulf of Darien Ojeda returned to and. Or Forath or Charax close to the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa believed. Natchesan, Miss into the Corinthian Gulf white shark. ’ Hammamet to the Persian Gulf that. Has taken the place of Obok, on the N.W Indian ocean, and to great! A district stretching to the island examples: the east-country term for the gulfs! Finest natural harbours in Europe are very common in the West the Athenians extended their even. You visited this page with a narrow mouth made of reed Aden Madras! Dynasty I and its tendencies to alter established customs Diemen 's Gulf north of. Situated nearly io miles from the Gulf of avlona, an inlet of the Gulf of Akaba ( Kings. Seat of administration is Jibuti ( q.v at Mombasa and Quiloa, and the Persian Gulf against the Gerrhaeans the... Anchored in the Gulf of Manaar, iv Rach-Gia join the Mekong with the later Kings of I. Northern India, and is never killed down by frost depressed land e.g... Under the command of Francisco Pizarro, the shores of the Gulf of Liao-tung to move her plots and characters!

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