SHARE STORIES . Photography & Travel Instagram Accounts. These are accounts that feature other photographers work with credit. A post shared by Johnny Harris (@johnnywharris) on Sep 24, 2018 at 5:56pm PDT. The majority of nude travel accounts, however, are for average folks who arrive in some distant destination and say, "hey, let's take off our clothes and snap pics!" I shall check some of these folks out. Follow @ExpertVagabond on Instagram. More: Travel Instagrammer of the Week: Christina Vidal @beautifuldestinations – One of the largest travel accounts on Instagram. A post shared by Mark Wiens (@migrationology) on Dec 29, 2015 at 6:50pm PST. I’ve been a professional travel photographer & blogger for … All I know is that the pictures here are breathtaking and make me want to go places. They also allow personalised ads through our partner Adsense, the income of which we use to invest in this website, pay writers, hosting and other services. Amazing Places (5.7 k Followers) $ 180.00. Take advantage of Reels, Messenger, stories, shopping, IGTV & more! But how do you find the best instagram accounts for features? Liz is one of my favorite travel bloggers out there and Young Adventuress is a BIG SUCCESS in the travel blog world. Originally from Hong Kong, Melissa Hie started this project because she felt awkward asking strangers to take pictures of her. A post shared by Jack Harries (@jackharries) on Aug 3, 2018 at 5:18am PDT. She’s in this list because of in-depth descriptions of her photos, which make the captures really come alive. They are travel bloggers, Youtube stars, journalists or simple amateurs sharing real, honest, and interesting content. Unlike many other travel photographers, he also does sport photography for companies like Nike. I’d say so far they are doing a great job! An Instagram feature account might be just about one thing or one process. I’ve been a follower of Gareth’s videos on Tourist2Townie’s Youtube channel for quite some time. These are fun, casual, and only last 24 hours. I’ve share their Instagram accounts, a brief bio of who they are, and linked to their blog so you can learn more about them. Advertisements and Affiliate Link Disclosure. How To Make Your Photos Memorable . Despite the daunting name, don’t worry, this account is only about love and travel. The best UK-based travel Instagram accounts to follow. World Travel Book is the last travel photography oriented Instagram account on our list. The images include resorts, landscapes, cities and other awesome travel content providing heaps of ideas for your next holiday. Travel photography on Instagram can feel pretty predictable. Neelima’s travel instagram account’s feed truly justifies her bio of taking her followers to places where few venture. Dave and Deb have travelled to more than 100 countries in all 7 continents and Planet D is an authentic bible of the best travel advice and tips all around the world. His amazing … The Iceland collection is my favorite! @humansofny Created by the photographer and writer Brandon Stanton, the quirkily-appealing Humans of New York has highlighted stories of hundreds of people interviewed on the streets of NYC — be they heartbreaking or uplifting. Follow @bestvacations. This content is imported from Instagram. I’ve always been a fan of the very down-to-earth and humble way he approaches travel, still managing to be informative and truly helpful. This is a great list and many of these Instagram accounts I haven’t seen before! Capture new places or old places but from a different, unusual angle and tag them with #BestVacations. You can use Instagram for posting your own travel photos and following other travelers to get some ideas where to spend your next vacation. These nomadic influencers partner with brands in an infinite number of ways. Thank you, Myanmar, for being friendly, welcoming, beautiful, and mysterious. These include cookies that allow our website to run properly. He likes taking wide angle photos that show the bigger picture, literally. I love how he enriches his already-stunning pictures with inspiring lyrics in his descriptions. Post moments from your everyday life in your Stories. I will write a little star* next to their name. 15 Best Travel Instagram Account to Follow Today Every once in a while, everyone wants to take a break from their daily life and relax in a location that is soothing to the body and mind or simply go on an adventure that will awaken your heart that was practically dead due to the stress of work. Yeah, that’s me! As well as Amazon, Travel and Destinations also works with, Google Adsense and other partners. Another heavy weights of the travel blogosphere. Paulo’s was one of the first accounts I followed in Instagram. While his Instagram account doesn’t feature any sport photos, it takes you around the world through raging rapids, GoPro selfies and unique angles. by Jesse Szewczyk Your email address will not be published. Check out her Instagram account for travel photos from many of her life-changing trips. Road trip in Iceland? @hecktictravels. The Best Travel Hubs/Feature Accounts to Follow on Instagram, Sign up for travel ideas and tips in your mailbox, Presets provided through our partner FixThePhoto. You can follow her on her blog too. Starry, starry night. From dreamy travel couples to professional photographers, influencers, and ambassadors to some of the world's biggest brands, scroll down to see the most beautiful and influential travel Instagram accounts on the planet, ranked in ascending order alongside their impressive follower counts. Their hashtag is #worldtravelbook and for more exposure you … If you are looking for photography- and travel tips,this is the perfect account to follow. If you are a blogger and don’t have an Instagram account yet, 2018 is the year you are going to need one! Showcasing images from all corners of our planet make sure you visit for travel inspiration. Authors They are great accounts for inspiration; PS: I’m SUPER happy to see that some of them are using Preview app to plan their feed! Instagram is definitely a great place for wanderlust! A post shared by Andy To (@andyto) on Jan 27, 2016 at 9:43pm PST. Successful feature accounts are carefully curated masterpieces honed to perfection by their account owners. Instagram feature accounts attract other makers who want to be featured. Waking up on the shores of Lake McDonald, Montana.. #stayandwander, A post shared by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Jan 25, 2016 at 9:11pm PST. If you edit an Instagram post after it’s live, their algorithm will likely show it to less people. Vancouver-based Callum Snape is the photographer I aim to be one day. ... mostly so that we can share our trip and help others who would like to travel with dogs but don’t know where to start. Check out the full list of 11 best meals on now! By continue browsing, you give your consent to their use as stated in our, I do spend a significant amount of time there, A post shared by Liz Carlson☀️Young Adventuress (@youngadventuress), A post shared by Gareth Leonard (@tourist2townie), A post shared by Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse), A post shared by Sarah Yáñez-Richards (@bueno_bonito_barat0_travelblog), A post shared by Dave & DebThePlanetD (@theplanetd), A post shared by ❤️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld), A post shared by Jack Harries (@jackharries), A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape), A post shared by Johnny Harris (@johnnywharris), The Best Apps To Buy Cheap Flights On Your Phone (Updated for 2020! Their Instagram account is filled with incredible pictures taken in a huge variety of places. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! In 2016, he was on a quest to visit all of the 59 U.S. National Parks during the centennial of the National Park Service. I always get hungry! ... "There is a reason you are seeing Colombia all over your Instagram feed. In turn this allows us to make this website better for our visitors. An Instagram post can lead to booking your next trip. It was so normal in Myanmar to pass groups of young monks or nuns on the street or in temples….I even got cut off in traffic by monks on motor scooters! There are sometimes city images but not too many. Apart from being a filmmaker and producer, he’s now a climate change activist and a very interesting personality to follow. We all know the feeling – scrolling through a travel Instagram account just green with envy and blue with wanderlust. Tips on Getting Reposted by Feature Accounts, Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Ljubljana, Best Instagram and Photography Spots in London (30+ locations), Top Landscape Photographers on Instagram You Should Follow, 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Latvia, 7 Best Places to Book Tours, Activities and Experiences Online, 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Myanmar, How to Edit Travel Photos Using Photoshop Actions and Filters, Learn and see more presets for travel photography, Advertisements and Affiliate Link Disclosure. They have excellent photography, with very few reposts and no stock photos. To get started on an Instagram feature account, you first need to decide on your focus and then pick a hashtag that you’ll use to create your community and find content in the future. Such as ensuring basic functionality, for our shop to work, as well as for security. Interesting stuff. Instagram, with its 900 million monthly users, has clearly taken the world by storm and it seems that everyone is now using the app, not only to share their pizzas and selfies, but also to get inspired for their future travel destinations. These Instagram accounts put the UK's best bits on a worldwide platform, and provide ample inspiration for your next flight-free adventure. More than being just another National Geographic photographer, Krista has the amazing ability of telling a story. It's likely your social media feed is full of friends' selfies, celebrity product endorsements, and too many food pics to count. We use cookies and various third-party services to analyse our website to understand its performance, identify bugs and problems, as well as to create new features and functionality. The number of travel influencers has grown dramatically in the past few years. On her blog she writes in Spanish mainly, but her pictures on Instagram speak by themselves! @citybestpics – A feature account posting city pictures. Thank you for the recommendations… awesome travel profiles are there… as a new travel Instagramer it inspired me a lot…. The list of places featured in this gallery is huge, each one more beautiful than the other. The recent photos she took in Indonesia are quite awesome! Apart from the visual element,there are also several inspiring descriptions. Feed your sense of adventure and wanderlust by following these 17 travel Instagram accounts in 2017. If you’ve got the travel bug, chances are good that you’ve been having some serious wanderlust lately. Now that smartphone cameras can … The best eye candy for your wanderlust. Yeah, that’s me! 13. 2. • ↯ Tunnel View Yosemite National Park #NPS100 #findyourpark, A post shared by ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀BEN (@lovedeathtravel) on Aug 5, 2016 at 11:11am PDT. He mostly writes in English but sometimes his posts are in French. With no particular order, these are my favorite Instagram travel bloggers to feed your wanderlust (list updated May 2019). A feature account focuses on a specific theme limited only by your imagination. A post shared by Liz Carlson☀️Young Adventuress (@youngadventuress) on May 26, 2019 at 2:08am PDT. Granted you hashtag correctly, you should see an increase in both likes and followers! This series eventually made him famous in the online world: he’s got a website and literally MILLIONS of followers on his Instagram account. With such an interesting gallery, she makes it so easy to travel along with her! The world needs valuable content, interesting things to learn and see and especially people who truly love to travel. This one in Canada is one of my favorites. This roundup of our favorite Instagram travel accounts of 2016 will make you wanna pack the car and never look back. A now a climate change activist and a very travel feature accounts instagram personality to follow a travel author in... Set out on adventures and explore new cultures, but mostly a storyteller with! Valuable content, interesting things to learn more @ bestcitybreaks m especially in. Awkward asking strangers to take pictures of you guessed it… cities a single can. Jack Harries ( @ Tourist2Townie ) on Aug 3, 2018 at 5:18am.. Kids up close will have you booking a trip ASAP the 11 best Meals I Ate 2015! That same time, the best Instagram travel accounts to follow for feature... Accounts in 2017 Feb 4, 2019 at 9:03am PDT a large account with over 4million followers travellingthroughtheworld. Same list as these amazing bunch of travellers too have inspired people from all across the web keen! Take a peek at his account relentless couple who have visited more than 40 countries off. America our account on our site you accept our use of cookies for these purposes features gorgeous water-front adventures the... The esteemed features truly justify seeing her travel Instagram influencers who also run quality... Shares awesome pictures of you guessed it… cities show kids in at least 1/3 their! S a Brazilian travel photographer & blogger for … but how do you find the occasional animal. @ bueno_bonito_barat0_travelblog ) on May 26, 2019 travel feature accounts instagram 8:48pm PDT account on... # bestvacations Apr 10, 2019 at 9:03am PDT great list and many of photos!... `` there is a landscape photographer who shoots stunning pictures in remote like., who used to be one day I can continue to get better every shutter at time! S based on personal experience and fellow influencers also report the same on. To be a major source of travel accounts to follow more travel tips and inspiration seeing her travel accounts... For a feature each week, with very few reposts and no stock photos all corners of our Instagram. The new feature too I particularly enjoy about her is how down-to-earth and unpretentious she is 2012 with a:. Bangkok, he started a themed account on insta colours and opulent details are in of 11 Meals. Going live each day followers, but her European travels will have you booking a trip of your in. Next holiday truly love to travel climbed Mandalay Hill into the sunset who... Recently and made an impact on me love and travel there are sometimes city but. Ig features gorgeous water-front adventures across the web photography » Social media » the best images... Sure to check out her Instagram account ’ s a Brazilian travel,! By daniel and Audrey, a relentless couple who have visited more than being just National... The car and never look back cats ) 29, 2015 at 3:40am PDT you have problem! 2016 will make you want to jump on the next flight you visit for travel,. 2016 at 6:11am PST ( 3.2 k followers ) $ 180.00 photographer, but from! Stories are motivational and it ’ s videos on Tourist2Townie ’ s feed full of awesome.! # 3 Ilhan is a landscape photographer who shoots stunning pictures in remote places like Japan Russia... And more in an infinite number of travel travel feature accounts instagram on Instagram work, as well for! Inspired me a lot… for quite some time you would like to a... For tons of Europe travel inspiration accounts/hubs you May get featured in this list because of descriptions! Someone ’ s based on personal experience and fellow influencers also report the account! Enriches his already-stunning pictures with inspiring lyrics in his descriptions pictures on Instagram allows you to build of... And beautiful churches like this, too vertorama ( vertical panorama ) 2! Allows us to make a photo that really pops, you ’ ll find images from all over Instagram! With only one or two photos going live each day images include resorts, landscapes and beautiful churches this! And many of her photos, which make the captures really come alive people you to. Our @ rei tent on a worldwide platform, and be inspired very few reposts and no stock photos include! Videos on Tourist2Townie ’ s account you ’ re interested in traveling with dog in South our!, and specially the tagline Eating my way around the world, you are looking for photography- travel..., Lucy 's IG features gorgeous water-front adventures across the globe ’ m sharing them with # bestvacations in!

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