Probably worth checking which vessel you are booked on and then seeing what is available. Ενημέρωση Επιβάτες :Κυκλάδες-Δωδεκάνησα Τροποποίηση Δρομολογίου 15/01/2021-18/01/2021, Ancona and Venice Schedule from 01.01 until 07.02.2021, ΠΑΡΑΤΑΣΗ ΠΕΡΙΟΡΙΣΜΟΥ ΜΕΤΑΚΙΝΗΣΕΩΝ ΣΤΙΣ ΓΡΑΜΜΕΣ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ-ΚΥΚΛΑΔΕΣ-ΔΩΔΕΚΑΝΗΣΑ, Ανακοίνωση - Ενημέρωση επιβατικού κοινού με προορισμό την Κάρπαθο, Copyright © ANEK Lines 2021 | Simply adjust the temperature to the desired level, turn on the music and relax. We've booked a outside cabin 2adults+2 children and 1 car online on their website for 648,80 € . Anek Lines Cabins. Anek Ferries - Anek Lines - Anek Ferries Greece Italy. ITALY - GREECE - ITALY. You can also book a pet-friendly cabin … All are functional and welcoming, with two, three, or four beds. Your pleasant and comfortable journey in the Adriatic and clear blue waters of the Aegean has just begun. All Anek Lines Cabins are … Pet animals are not allowed in staterooms, seating … I find ANEK superior to Minoan, both at home and internationally, and always use them when I can. how to protect yourself and others from the spread COVID-19. (Greekferries Club S.A, Shipping & Travel services). Tonight's mission was a shoot-from-the-hip immediate action Charlie Foxtrot that he'd had almost no time to plan - a troubling state of affairs for a small team being inserted behind enemy lines. Traveling with pets / domestic animals are allowed on all ANEK LINES ships. var year = now.getYear(); The passengers can be accommodated in outside and inside cabins or in different lounge seating areas, and have a restaurant, bars and mini-shops available to them in most cases if traveling with Anek Lines. if(year<1900){year+=1900} But Italian officials said the names on the manifest may have represented just reservations, not actual passengers who boarded. For hygienic reasons pets are not allowed to enter in non-pet cabins, in the bars, restaurants and other indoor public areas (except animals that guard and assist people with special needs, provided their owners have specific documents). On every ship, on every journey, the ferry company provides you with whatever is necessary to make your trip comfortable and pleasant. Including breakfast. Other animals (rabbits, birds, hamsters, etc) must be in passenger-owned carriers. --> ; The Italian Government requires for entry into Italy from Greece, the completion of the “Self-declaration form”. 2 lower beds and 2 upper foldaway beds. Built in 2000 at FOSEN shipyards in Norway, it is a real marvel of the most modern technology: for its automatisms, the comfort it offers to the passengers and its speed: it can reach 32 knots! It is equipped with four main engines. ... All 2-bed, 3-bed, and 4-bed cabins have a private bathroom and air conditioning with bed linen, towels and toiletries. Anek-Superfast Pure cabin (available on SFXI only) Anek-Superfast has taken a step further and has a great solution for passengers struggling with allergies or respiratory problems. Europe - Need help with Anek Lines ferry cabin type selection - I'm trying to book an overnight ferry from Athens to Santorini. Anek lines fares, Anek lines timetables, Anek lines schedules, Anek lines online booking system. Anek Lines accommodation. Anek Lines boasts a … Lüks kabinler OLYMPIC CHAMPION, HELLENIC SPIRIT ve SFXI'da mevcuttur. Every small detail on board contributes to your comfort. Anek Lines operates ferries across the Adriatic and Aegean Seas connecting Italy with Greece, Crete, Dodecanese and the Cyclade Islands. Anek-Superfast Pure cabin (available on SFXI only) It is very hard for people with allergies to use public transport. Luxurious and modern, this ship is undoubtedly the pride of ΑΝΕΚ LINES fleet: it provides high quality service, according to the needs of the modern traveler.In 2008 F/B ΕLΥRΟS was deeply renovated and transformed in the shipyards of Perama, near Piraeus, thanks to works among the largest ever carried out on Greek shipyards. In March 2018, Anek Lines buys this ship and, after deep renovation, in order to adapt it to the high standards of comfort and safety of our fleet, it gives it the name Asterion II.The luxurious interiors and well-kept cabins are the predominant feature of this ship. It seems Anek Lines is the only one that offers that. Anek lines Comfort and luxury ships provides you with whatever is necessary to make your trip comfortable and pleasant. The service enables passengers to have fun, collect information or work during their voyage, in the spacious modern cabins of our ships, relaxing in the lounges’ warm environment, savoring coffee, drinks, and tasty snacks, or enjoying delicious dishes with fine Cretan and Mediterranean flavors in our restaurants, always under ANEK LINES’ hospitable spirit. ANEK LINES See you on board! Once aboard please feel free to contact the reception desk for further request. Whether you opt for a 2, 3 or 4- person cabin, they all offer the same niceties. A winner of many shipping awards since their inception nearly in 1967, Anek Lines is the largest shipping company in Greece, and the parent company of many leading operators in the Mediterranean. ; Click HERE to have access to all forms and information needed for transit in Greece. During the trip relax in the beautiful, warm surroundings of our spacious inner or outer cabins. Get 120 points as bonus, We answer the questions from our travellers, 20% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT ON ADRIATIC ROUTES, 20% ANEK Smart DISCOUNT ON ADRIATIC ROUTES, Special Packages for Passengers & Car in Chania route, Special Packages for Passengers & Car in Heraklion Route, Up to 20% Discount for ΑΝΕΚ Smart Bonus Program members in Heraklion route, 3 + 1 FREE ticket in 4 bed cabin – Crete Routes, From 20% discount on Return tickets – Crete Routes, Έως 50% έκπτωση για φοιτητές & κατόχους κάρτας ISIC – Γραμμές Κρήτης, Subscribe and be the first to know our latest news and offers. Anek Lines operates a large number of ferry crossings between Italy and Greece, as well as within the numerous Greek Islands. Valid only for families travelling with 4 members. Exact, partial, brief, paraphrased or adapted reproduction or republication of the contents and design of this website by any means mechanical, electronic, photocopied or otherwise without previous authorisation from the legal owner is strictly forbidden. For dogs and cats are available dedicated onboard lodgings. Timetables: Main Page: Ancona (Italy) - Igoumenitsa (Greece) - Patras (Greece) & v.v. Explore ANEK LINES's 18 photos on Flickr! Designed & Developed by apt, Become a member and win discounts, free tickets and exclusive benefits! Cruise ship itinerary schedules 2021-2022-2023, cabins and deck plans, passenger ships database, technical specifications, photos and videos. Travel with ANEK Lines' modern high speed ferries from Italy to Greece at the best price, and take your camper with you. Ancona Line 2020 - 2021 Prices. Onboard Anek Lines there are different classes of cabins and price ranges. Not all ANEK ships have all of the cabin types available. After rejuvenating yourself with a long, hot shower, a good night's sleep is virtually guaranteed. Anek Lines, Information about Accommodation, outside and inside cabin availability, cabins with bed and shower, aircraft type seats and more. Below, you get information about all accommodation and amenities options (Anek Lines cabins, seats, pet policy and luggage restrictions): Economy Seats. For the more demanding guests, there are nicely decorated deluxe cabins with a small sitting room, TV, refrigerator and breakfast* at the a la carte restaurant, free of charge. Here's your chance to live out your dream in Greece! A limited number of anti-allergy cabins are provided specifically for you. We decided to drive to the Port of Patras in Greece to get on the Car Ferry "Hellenic Spirit" Anek Lines to get to Ancona Italy.